We have lost him!


So far in all my blogs I tried to write on the positive attitude and positive news about Cancer. But as most of you realize, this is not always so.

Yes, Cancer is still a disease with few solutions.

Vinnu was one of the most creative architects and was the most positive person I met. In spite of knowing about his Stage IV disease he lived life to the fullest – gym everyday, going to his work, completing the tasks with gusto.

Perhaps this is what has given him the crucial extension after being diagnosed as Stage IV colon ca.

One often wonders how do good people have bad outcomes?

We are philosophical and blame karma and deeds in previous birth, etc. but fundamentally that would not make any difference for grieving friends and family. At the age of 40, you have so many plans, so many dreams and suddenly everything has condensed to a couple of years.

Personally I find it very tough. Initially we start treating such young people, then becoming closer to them, appreciating their talents and also getting to know their personal life. Everything seems to be going well and without a warning there is a huge wave and suddenly the balance is tilted against the person.

Why, How and When are difficult to answer!

More and more I realize -the earlier the diagnosis, better is the outcome.

People like Vinnu are a reason for us to keep fighting for all those young men and women who are unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer in their prime, but still go ahead, getting maximum out of their life.

I cannot stop the fight nor can give up, nor can take cover under destiny .

Our job is to continue to do our best, hope and pray for the best.

Every single minute of such ‘a life well spent’ will always be remembered.