Life is not a formula ONE race….

Navin is a financial consultant, doing well professionally and on growth trajectory. Happy family and all going well. Long term plans were made and life was on even keel till……

One day he had back ache and as all of us feel, ‘due to catch or something’ and after a week he thought it’s good to have a check up. He was dumbfounded as he was diagnosed with a rare type of disease which needed chemotherapy. Fortunately he had an excellent medical team looking after him.

I was not treating him but could only offer some advice and support.

Navin’s fighting spirit is admirable. It is best described in his own writings.

So I will share the conversations we had over mail.

N: I look at myself as a Captain of a ship.

I was steering the vessel to the destination I had perceived, enjoying the ride with the passengers, for whom I am responsible, my family.

Suddenly, I experienced turbulence, and the ship rocked. As its Captain, the head of the family, I had 2 choices:

  • Imagine I am steering the Titanic, and wait for the tidal waves to devour us
  • Check the Radar to find a clearer route using this diversion to get back on the route that will take me and my family through the picturesque destination I have in mind

As a fighter, I have always believed, that excellence is achieved by those who dare to believe that something inside them is stronger than the circumstances they are suddenly facing.

Those who quickly stop the ‘why me?’ questioning and get on with  determination to fight will win

Dr J: I am with you on the ship and will certainly help to guide the course.

Unfortunately I am not expert in haematology.

I will ask for a new look at the information and see if we can come up with some thing new and effective.

The backache is due to the vertebrae getting affected. We need to control the disease process for relief. give me some time.

Meanwhile, your plan is a great motivation

My best wishes

N: Doctor,

The thought of having you on the Ship with me, is strong enough to hit six sixes in an over and throw waldenstrom out of the cricket stadium.

Navin improved for some time but the disease was less responsive. Each individual responds differently. He was then started on another plan of treatment.



Almost out of the Woods

This was after a gap of 4 months, when I was probably at my worst.

I wish I could capture the reactions of Doctors

The shock of seeing me fighting again, was probably something they had not anticipated so soon.

Amazing Turnaround, they said.

After a physical examination, Doctor was so impressed that he has suggested neither physiotherapy nor any tests immediately, just a total of 2 hours of walking everyday.

This has come after months of internal fighting, {a fight similar to nothing I have ever fought before in life, where you are not only fighting the blood disorder, but the medication that is so strong, it could knock the entire house down}

As a soldier I am taking each day with my chin up, sure that in a few weeks, it will be goodbye to the unwanted visitor who came to the wrong address.

Dr J:

Great news and Yes you can beat it !!

Truly inspiring and keep it up

Allow me to appreciate the fight

warm wishes

Dr J



Just when I could see the chequered flag in the distance, my Formula One car seems to have spun off the track.

What seemed to me like a minor fungal infection on my neck, has been diagnosed by Doctor, this morning as, Herpes.

Dr J:

Remember life is not a formula ONE race. You don’t go around in circles with increasing speed. It’s a regular road with its traffic lights and some times speed breakers. Pause, recover and go and you will reach destination .

Journey is more important than destination

Navin is almost out of the woods and wants to motivate others in their battle.

Salutations to all those who have fought and won !!