Battle within…..

In a classic Battle there is a known or unknown enemy somewhere out there and you start firing the weapons at your disposal.

In cancer however, the enemy is within. Within the body, one of our own cells becoming ‘our own enemy’. The battle is within.

The weapons used like chemotherapy hit the body and not just the enemy.

The battle ground is not remote but our own body.

The weapons are fired at self – trying to defend against an enemy hiding in the body.

Imagine the courage and grit needed to fight the big C.

Its truly a ‘mind over body’ battle. There are days and times when the outlook seems bleak, the body cannot endure.

Its then the innermost strength is necessary.

We as doctors can only support by medicines and encourage the ‘mind’ , to maintain and sustain the positive attitude.

Positive attitude is most crucial for winning the battle.

Family is so important and the emotional support by family and friends keeps up the morale.

A pat on the back and encouraging word is all that it takes to keep the battle going.

Never ever sympathise with a friend or relative fighting the big C.

encourage them.

Don’t give sob stories and tell about all that you have heard – it doesn’t matter

Each one has to fight his or her own battle.

I always say that “ I am there for you and lift  the gun which you can fire’

Some times I wonder, why did I choose ‘Cancer surgery ‘

Something easier like plastic surgery (I joined in PGI) would be less stressful.

I don’t think I would have been satisfied in any other branch. Yes, its stressful but

I am making a difference in a brave heart’s life. At least trying to.

Hats off to all those who have fought and won and those who continue to fight.

They are the bravest soldiers

The victory in the battle is worth all the effort and difficulties

The reward is “LIFE’ itself.