Defeat Cancer


For the last 30 years, as a Cancer Surgeon, I have had hundreds of patients; rich and poor, young and old, powerful captains of Industry and people from all walks of life sitting in front of me.   The reaction to the word ‘Cancer’ is universally the same – FEAR.  There are so many myths and misconceptions about the disease. I thought the best way to help people is to eradicate the myths and share some scientific information.

I have seen ordinary men and women with extraordinary courage who took on to fight the big C and win hands down.  They give us the courage to defeat fear and conquer the ‘Big C’.  This is not ‘Chicken soup for the Cancer soul, this is medicine with motivation.   All the stories and people are real and their courage is truly unreal.  Many want to share their triumph and even use their name so that others can be motivated and helped.

When you defeat fear, you defeat Cancer


 Can ‘love’ cure cancer?

Bhupen, a young software engineer aged 30, was recently engaged to a pretty girl. He just had some discomfort in his abdomen and on performing an ultrasound it was found that he had a problem in the liver.  It was a big shock for the family and his elderly parents were devastated. But what impressed me was that both he and his fiancée were determined that they would fight.  I was stunned when Meena, his fiancée, pleaded with me that they should get married immediately so that her love can cure Bhupen.

Dr. J: Do you know what Bhupen is suffering from?

M: I know everything and I am sure doctor.

Dr J: Then wait for a year and I will tell you when you can get married.

As his luck, her love and prayers turned out, Bhupen had a rare curable tumor  called neuro-endocrine tumor, the same tumor which Steve Jobs had when he was diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer.  It was slow growing and Bhupen was really lucky because many new drugs came in.  Steve Jobs, though one of the richest men in the world, was poor in this aspect because he didn’t have access to the recent developments in this field. But Steve still survived for nearly 4 years. I will tell you the medical story behind Steve Jobs another day

Bhupen was fortunate to have access to the new drugs and he started recovering.  One day he came to see me. He had a broad smile on his face.. the tumor had subsided substantially and he was very happy. But I knew that the broad smile was not because of that. After a year of waiting, he and Meena wanted to get married and I couldn’t say No.  It was one wedding I had promised myself that I would not miss.  It was truly a beautiful wedding.  Though all the guests knew about Bhupen’s illness, everything was absolutely normal. People enjoyed, the couple was very happy and their happiness continues to endure.

Love CAN help in cancer cure. Patients need plenty of love and care

People like Meena and Bhupen bring so much value to their life.  Sometimes I  wonder how can we even complain when we are so fortunate to have good health.

‘Cancer’ is just a word and every cancer is not the same.  Like ‘fever’ is just a symptom – it can be malaria, typhoid or anything else.  There are hundreds of cancers, in different parts of the body, afflicting different age groups and each with different outcome. A majority of them can now be detected early and also cured.  So there is nothing to despair about; nothing to fear.  We just need to be aware.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

– a profound quote from unknown source

Next week, I will talk to you about another myth – that cancer is hereditary…. Angelina’s Anxiety

Do send me your suggestions, your comments and the topics you want me to discuss.  I will be more than happy to write  for you.

21 thoughts on “Defeat Cancer

  1. Cancer is not just a physical ordeal!!
    It is an emotional one too. Connecting with other patients and their families who are experiencing the same physical and emotional effects can be a comfort and source of strength.
    “Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”
    That’s the key to defeat CANcer….

  2. It is indeed a heartening story! I too believe that love & social support can help in many maladies both emotional and physical. There is no point in getting terrified by the mere diagnosis of cancer. Of course, the doctor must communicate the diagnosis to the patient with tact, show of concern & reassurance. I never hid the diagnosis of cancer from my mother but she took it bravely, got involved in more intense prayers, and cooperated well with the treatment for a year and a half after which she died peacefully.

  3. Doctors like Dr j are indeed are like illuminating stars who will shine with undeminishing brightness at all times….your humility and care for patients are indeed a pointer that a good doctor is also a factor for cancer its hope more than anything that often takes you through…thanks for giving hope to all of us!

    Rajesh Tiwari, Olympic sports commentator.

  4. Babai, Would love to hear more about hereditary factor. My first cousin on my moms side was detected with breast cancer recently…should I panic? I had my 1st mammogram in feb this year

  5. Well Written Dr Jagannath,,,But if we put a classification to this there is a human induced factors like Smoking,Tobacco chewing,On the other side of the coin there is the environmental factors like the effect of UV rays which to put it emanates through what we humans do to mother nature,We cannot deter certain facts like About 65%–90% of melanomas are caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light resulting in 1000 deaths in the United States alone due to ever shrinking ozone layer.Melanomas is highly incurable, love is a substitute as mentioned in the article,But lets distinguish certain factors and raise awareness rather than inserting paranoia,We are the creators of our own abuse,Melanomas are the reflection of how we ourselves abuse the integrity of our planet,Cancer is a snake created by humanity which is biting its own tail.I wish you can stress on skin cancer along with pancreatic cancer they are most incurable. Stress on the mental state and how we can remove paranoia for victims suffering from this trauma .Our human body is sacred and our mother earth is our shrine

  6. The Fear causes more pain and suffering than the Cancer itself. Sharing these moving experiences helps maintain the equanimity of the mind which is juggling between denial and desperate fear. Thanks!

  7. Dr Jagannath
    It is a timely and welcome effort. It should be particularly useful to relatives and family members of the patients who are under severe emotional social and often financial strain. Keep it up and may advice on preventive and rehabilitative measures in your future communications.
    Congratulations and best wishes

      • Could I have your E-Mail address? A class Fellow of mine, Dr. C.B. Singh, who stays oin Mumbai may be contacting you for advice regarding his son with advanced malignancy of tongue . Best wishes
        B.N. Dhawan

  8. Kudos to your great efforts to spread information about cancer. I am sure this blog will help cancer patients and their family members in India, where people even a majority of doctors are not much aware about developments in the field of Oncology, educate about this dreaded disease.

  9. No doubt the word Cancer is very fearing. But thank to God we have Doctors like Dr. P Jagannath in (Mumbai) India, who saves many lives and encourage patient and their family to over come and fight CANCER.
    He is the real HERO in the country.
    We salute him.

    Sunil Chhaparia

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